Platform and Issues

As we all know by driving on Indianapolis Blvd and Cline Ave, the potholes and road maintenance has been getting worse over the years. It is getting more expensive to achieve the same quality work year after year. The two major issues with asphalt roadways are their lifespan and their vulnerability to weather and temperature. It is time Indiana lead the nation in innovating how are roads are constructed and I intend to introduce multiple studies into these possibilities.

I pledge to work with the City of Hammond and Whiting to hopefully expand College Bound or create a separate but similar program to offer more Vocational training offered in the Region. As the Boomers begin to retire skilled trades are in high demand. Private-Public Partnerships, Trade Schools, Apprenticeships, and Mentorship Programs are the four items that we can immediately start working towards to help fill this gap. Working with the companies that already reside here and enticing new companies to join us will provide us with a strong mentorship foundation to help us train Hoosiers. Our Region has one of the greatest work forces in the State and intentions are to provide the tools to achieve even greater success.

I pledge to work with Representative Jim Lucas, Senator Karen Tallian, IN NORML and The Higher Fellowship to advance hemp legalization and manufacturing bills to expand the ability to farm, produce, and repurpose hemp into the thousands of products it can be made into. Did you know that hemp can be repurposed into over 25,000 products? It has the potential to replace biofuels and plastic composites. We as citizens of this Earth have a responsibility to make a concerted effort towards maintaining the health of our environment. Replacing the plastic that plagues our Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans with biodegradable hemp products and reducing deforestation by creating hemp paper products is what we should be aiming to do.


Donna understands that no one should ever have to make the choice between paying the NIPSCO bill and seeing a doctor. She also believes that HIP 2.0 has been a success story, and she will fight to continue the coverage for low-income Hoosiers. Additionally, she will explore ideas to streamline it and make it better.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, the enrollment process and implementation of the program is so complex it deters some from enrolling.  “These plans are complicated. They require a lot of collaboration with stakeholders, a sophisticated IT system, potentially high administrative costs,” said Robin Rudowitz, one of the authors of the Kaiser study. “It adds layers of administrative complexities for the state and beneficiaries.”

Just imagine what we could do for our people if we reduced wasteful administrative expenditures and the full funding for the program could be passed onto the people instead.  Donna believes that we can make HIP more efficient, expand on it’s technological features, and integrate private partnerships into the system.

Donna also strongly believes in filling some of the healthcare gaps with community health clinics and will work towards bringing more of these to the area.

Sixteen states, including the neighboring states of Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan exempt military pensions from state taxes. Indiana only gives a $5000 deduction for military income. As a Marine veteran and staunch supporter of our men and women who serve, Donna believes we can and should do better.  Governor Holcomb has proposed exempting military pensions to bring Indiana in line with other states across the nation. Donna intends to push to make that happen.

According to an extensive study on best and worst states for veterans conducted by Wallet Hub, Indiana is 37th on the list.  Fully exempting pensions from state tax is an important first step in making daily life better for our vets.

By introducing the Nonpartisan Act, Donna will strive to remove the partisanship that clogs our Legislative process. There are three legs to this:

  •  Changing our Primaries to Open Primaries
  •  Abolish straight-ticket voting
  • Removing party affiliation from the General Election Ballot

Opening the Primaries to independent and other affiliated voters will create a more fair and transparent Primary. Removing party affiliation from the General Election Ballots will help remove the psychological barrier of voting outside of your own party allegiance and allow for voters to vote based on principal instead of party.