Official Announcement

For Immediate Release: May 9, 2018


Hammond native, lifelong Region Rat, and Marine Veteran dedicated to fighting for the best interests of her neighbors in District 1.

Hammond, IN—Donna Dunn is pleased to announce her candidacy for Indiana State Representative District 1. She believes that the people of Hammond and Whiting deserve one of their own to represent them in the Statehouse. Donna was born and raised in the area, and other than time spent serving her country in the Marine Corp, has spent her entire life living and working in the Region.
Donna says, “For Hammond and Whiting to move forward, we must move away from the status quo that has left our economy stagnant and the middle class with fewer and fewer options.”
Her message is simple; growth for Hammond and Whiting requires people at the state level clearing the way to allow us to focus on three key ideas:
• A business environment that is welcoming to small business
• The highest quality workforce
• A commitment to innovation and new ideas

Donna intends to address these factors by immediately focusing efforts on passing laws that allow for the farming and processing of industrial hemp in Indiana. Doing so would allow us to bring good-paying, green jobs to the region.

She pledges to bring back vocational training by working with Hammond and Whiting to create a program like College Bound for job training. Private-public partnerships, trade schools, apprenticeships, and mentorship Programs are the four items that we can immediately start working towards for big impact.

She also believes that, as evidenced by driving down Indianapolis Boulevard or Cline Avenue, the road maintenance is lacking lasting quality while getting more expensive. Donna intends to push exploring new and innovative ways to make our roads and infrastructure better, safer, and more cost-effective.

Ms. Dunn looks forward to a positive campaign that truly brings the issues facing District 1 voters into the spotlight.
For more information, please visit or find us on social media using the handlebar @votedonnadunn1


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