Donna T. Dunn is a lifelong region native. Born and raised in Hammond, Indiana, she attended Columbia Elementary School, Spohn Middle School, and graduated from Hammond High School. She honorably served eight years in the United States Marine Corps. In addition to the many medals and awards, Donna was the first women to serve as the Sergeant of the Guard at Camp Pendleton, California.


After an honorable discharge, Donna returned to the region to work with a local cable TV company, quickly being promoted from installer to auditor to chief purchasing Manager. Donna began her railroad career with Conrail as a conductor and engineer, and moved up through several different managerial positions, not only with Conrail but the Norfolk Southern and CSX Intermodal railroads as well.  During her time at the railroad, Donna was a member of the UTU, and during her tenure as a Cable Installer, she was Union Steward of the IBEW.


Donna is the daughter of a retired steelworker and the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of retired railroaders. Her brother is a locomotive engineer, and her sister works for the school system in Portage. Donna’s grandfather was the Commander of American Legion post 168, and her grandmother was the Commander of the Ladies’ Auxiliary Post 168 for many years. Donna often spent evenings working in the kitchen with her grandmother during the Post’s bingo nights.


Donna’s concern with the direction our country is heading brought her more actively into politics. As a lifelong region resident, Donna cares deeply about the issues impacting our home, and firmly believes that often, the best interests of the region do not match what is happening in the Statehouse.  Donna was willing to join the Marines to fight for your freedoms and interests there, and she will take that fierce willingness to stand up for what is right for her fellow Regionites to the Statehouse.


Donna currently resides in Hammond with her partner of 29 years, Wendy Ostrander, and her two rescue dogs. She is a member of the Women Marines Association and American Legion Post 17.